Trees for Shelter
Planting wind-resistant trees in hedgerows to shelter crops and animals has been done for centuries but has fallen out of favour since the development of heavy agricultural machinery. Trees selected for hardiness, toughness and ability to withstand wind and weather will transform the microclimate for more tender plants when planted in sufficient numbers on the windward side of your garden.

Trees for Shelter

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Alnus glutinosa - Common Alder - Future Forests
Alnus glutinosa - Common Alder
€1.50 to €5.00
Crataegus monogyna - Future Forests
Crataegus monogyna - Hawthorn
€1.00 to €2.50
Ilex aquifolium - Holly - Future Forests
Ilex aquifolium - Holly
€3.00 to €7.00
Quercus robur - Common Oak - Future Forests
Quercus robur - Common Oak
€1.80 to €6.00