Ilex aquifolium - Holly

Ilex aquifolium - Holly

A slow-growing native evergreen tree, well known for its spiky leaves and red berries. Holly is tough, robust enough to handle the harshest of environments, from dark valleys to extreme coastal locations - though it thrives best with the protection of other trees around it. It is a very important species for insects and birds alike, flowering from late Winter to Spring, the berries are prized by birds during the hungry gap in the middle of Winter. Ilex aquifolium can be male and female the easiest way to know if the plant is male or female is when it does start to berry, berries only come on female plants, so plant several to increase the chances of having females!
The wood from fallen trees was popular among craftspeople for its tough, brightly coloured wood. According to the Brehon laws, Holly is one of the seven noble trees: it was regarded as an offence to cut down or damage them.
Holly makes a very attractive, slow-growing spiky hedge that clips very well and is an ideal evergreen to include in mixed hedges.

Site: ?tolerates coastal winds

Soil: Prefers well drained
Position: Full sun to deep shade
Season of Interest: Evergreen, Summer flowers
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Height: 30ft (9m) Spread: 20ft (6m)
Hedge Spacings: 1ft (30cm) apart for a low hedge up to 4ft, 18'' (45cm) for a taller hedge

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Type | Size: Pot | 9cm / 4-6''
Gender: unsexed
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