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FUN WITH FLAX @ FUTURE FORESTS - a workshop with Artist basketmaker Lynn Kirkham

Phormium or New Zealand Flax is a hardy plant that thrives here in Ireland. It's long flat leaves and threads can be woven to make strong ropes, baskets and many other fun and useful items.

Workshop at Future Forests, Saturday 29 September 2018, 10 am to 6 pm €60pp

  • Maria Collard Keane

Autumn - a good time to plan your garden

Autumn is here, there is a chill in the evenings and planting time is almost upon us. Now is the time to prepare for planting bare-root trees and hedges. The place to start is to make a plan on paper of what to plant, large or small trees, shrubs or hedges and where to plant them. Do you need shelter from winds, a screen for privacy, a specimen tree for a particular location or a rich planting of flowering shrubs that will give you colour and interest over several seasons? Don't try to get down to too much detail at first, just the broad strokes - a native hedge here, a tall upright tree there, a pair of round-crowned small trees to either side of the path, a bed of spiky-leaved perennials here...

Autumn montage

November is the start of the bare-root planting time and once you have your plans made you get to the fun part - choosing and ordering your plants. Don't forget that this is also the season for planting fruit trees and bushes, as well as smaller shrubs, roses and bulbs.

  • Alan Taylor