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Shrubs Large Growing Shrubs 8ft+
These Shrubs reach at least 8ft or more. Excellent for providing structure, shelter and privacy and some make stunning specimens on their own.

Shrubs Large Growing Shrubs 8ft+

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Azara microphylla - Future Forests
Azara microphylla
From €8.00 EUR €24.00 EUR
Berberis julianae - Future Forests
Berberis julianae
€3.00 EUR
Berberis valdiviana - Future Forests
Berberis valdiviana
From €10.00 EUR €12.00 EUR
Camellia Dr King - Future Forests
Camellia Dr King
From €15.00 EUR €18.00 EUR
Chimonanthus praecox - Future Forests
Chimonanthus praecox
€12.00 EUR
Cordyline australis - Future Forests
Cordyline australis
From €4.00 EUR
Cornus alba Kesselringii - Future Forests
Cornus alba Kesselringii
From €5.00 EUR €12.00 EUR
Cornus mas - Future Forests
Cornus mas
From €4.00 EUR €15.00 EUR