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Apple Trees

We offer one of the widest ranges of apple trees in Ireland (and all of them are grown in Ireland!). From very old varieties to modern cultivars, we have selected these trees for their taste, yields, and disease resistance. You can browse our collections of eating apples, cooking apples, cider apples, and Irish heritage apples.

Many of our trees are available on various rootstocks to suit small or larger gardens and we list the pollination group of every variety to make it easy for you to choose.

Bareroot apple trees | December to March

Most of our apple trees are sold in bareroot form from December to March. You can learn more about the differences between bareroot and potted plants and about getting started growing fruit in our advice section.

Potted apple trees | April to June | Rest of year

Potted apple trees are available at different times throughout the rest of the year, but the best selection, and the best time to plant, is in spring (April to June). Outside of these times our selection is more limited.

Apple Trees

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