Apple Trees

Future Forests offers one of the widest ranges of apple trees in Ireland from very old varieties to modern cultivars. Browse our collections of Eating Apples, Cooking Apples, Cider Apples & Irish Hertitage Varieties. We select varieties for their taste, yields and disease resistance and all of our Fruit Trees are grown here in Ireland.

We wish to thank Irish Seed Savers for allowing us to photograph their wonderful collection of Irish Heritage Apples at their orchards in Scarriff, County Clare and to acknowledge the valuable work they are doing in preserving many varieties of fruits and vegetables from extinction, thereby conserving a vitally important source of genetic diversity for future generations.

Apple Trees are available on various rootstocks to suit small or larger gardens, find out more about Roostocks here

Our main availability for Apples is during the bareroot season from mid November to the end of March, find out more about bareroot plants here and we do supply a small range of potted Apple Trees for year round planting.

Apple Trees

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