How to plant a tree

Here is an example of how to plant a tree, in this case a container-grown Grenadier apple in a 10 ltr pot.

Tree planting demo 01

Once you have selected a suitable spot for your tree, remove any grass or weeds and dig a hole up to twice as big as the pot or at least big enough that the tree sits very comfortably into the hole. The same practice is used for bareroot trees, the roots should sit easily into the hole with no roots curling around. Sometimes you can get what we call a rogue root, which is protruding out way further than all the other roots, these can be pruned back.

Once the hole is dug, place the tree into it to make sure it sits nicely.

Tree planting demo 02

With the tree in the hole, use your bar to mark where you are going to put your stake.

Your stake should always be positioned on the prevailing wind side.

Putting your stake into place before planting, ensures no damage to the tree or roots.

Once you are happy with the spot for your stake, remove the tree and use your sledge or mallet ( bangy thing ) to hammer your stake into place.

Tree planting demo 03

When the stake is nice and firm, it's time to plant the tree, carefully remove the pot, tease the roots out if needed and place the tree in the hole right next to the stake.

Spread some good compost into the hole and add a little bit to the soil that you are going to back fill with.

Your new soil line should be just above the root ball of the tree, do not plant the tree too deep, once the soil is spread, firm in well.

Always use a suitable tree tie, long life tree ties are adjustable and do not damage the tree.

Use a slab nail or any nail that has a head and hammer the tie onto the stake, this will ensure the tree tie stays where it should.