Apple Summerred

Malus domestica Summerred

This dessert apple tree produces apples in midsummer; Malus Summerred is a fast-growing, deciduous small tree, giving a high annual yield of large to medium-sized fruit with a red skin and soft, white, juicy flesh.  The leaves are green, and the blossom is pinkish-white. This apple tree must be thinned, or you will get biennial bearing. This tree needs a Group 1, 2 or 3 pollination partner.  It stores for a few weeks, like most early apples. It’s a hardy apple tree, but not for the coldest areas. 

Site: Sheltered
Soil: Any moist but well drained, or well-drained acid to neutral soil
Position: Full sun
Pick: From July
Keep: For a few weeks
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Pollination: Needs a pollination partner, Group 1, 2 or 3
Uses: Eating fresh (dessert apple) 

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Please note, during the bareroot season, our apples are pre pruned before being dispatched by mail order.

Size: Bareroot 2yr
Rootstock: M26
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