Wisteria floribunda Rosea (Hon-beni)

Japanese Wisteria Rosea

Also known as Wisteria floribunda Hon-Beni, Wisteria floribunda Rosea is a large, fast-growing, deciduous, clockwise-twining climber with pink blossom. The fresh green, deeply divided, leaves turn golden-yellow in autumn. Long racemes (up to 2’/60cm) of scented, pea-like, pale rose-pink flowers tipped with purple are borne in May, coming in with the leaves. Japanese Wisteria Hon-Beni needs sturdy support; the long flower racemes look particularly beautiful hanging down from the roof of a tall pergola. Needs pruning twice a year. For best flowering, plant in full sun. It holds the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Site: Sheltered, south or south-west facing
Soil: Well-drained neutral to alkaline soil
Position: Full sun or partial shade
Season of Interest: Spring, summer, autumn
Hardiness: Hardy
Height: 26’ (8m) Spread: 13 ’ (4m)
Type | Size: Pot | 2L
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