Salix caprea - Pussy Willow

Pussy or Goat Willow - (Saileach Dubh)

One of the most widely distributed willows in the world, Salix caprea is native to Ireland and known to grow as far east as China and Mongolia, and as far north as Scandinavia. It is one of the common willows of Ireland. For centuries it has been referred to as 'pussy willow' because of its furry catkins which appear long before the leaves and are one of the earliest signs of spring. Known to seed freely on neglected ground, it can take over small areas if not kept under control; otherwise it can be planted as a regenerative crop for re -wilding purposes.

Tolerates exposed sites
Soil: Any, tolerates wet soil
Position: Full sun
Notable uses: Shelter, wet ground, wildlife, firewood, coppice, floristry
Hardiness: Hardy
Height: 30ft (10m) Spread: 30ft (10m) in approx 20 years
Type | Size: Bareroot | 2-3ft
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