Quince Vranja

Quince Vranja

A deciduous, slow-growing small tree or large shrub, Quince ‘Vranja’ comes into bearing earlier than most quinces. It is more upright than other quinces, although still bushy and twiggy, and is very attractive, with beautiful, pale pink blossom like a dog rose in spring, followed by large, pear-shaped, yellow fruit with a very good flavour. Pick the fruit when fragrant, before the first frosts, and store in boxes, away from other fruit. Unlike other quinces, ‘Vranja’ can be trained against a warm wall; this is probably the best way to grow it here unless conditions are very favourable. ‘Vranja’ has been given the prestigious Award of Garden Merit.

Site: Some shelter
Soil: Deep soil, moisture-retentive, but not water-logged
Position: Full sun
Pick: October to early November
Keep: All winter
Hardiness: Hardy
Pollination: Self-fertile
Uses: Cooking and preserving
Height: 8-13’ (2.5-4m) Spread: 8-13’ (2.5-4m)

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Type | Size: Pot | 2L
Rootstock: Quince A
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