Podocarpus salignus

Willow-leaved podocarp

An unusual conifer Native to Chile. It grows well in most sites, either as an understory tree/shrub, or as a specimen in a garden. Arching or drooping branches with dark, glossy willow-like leaves. It also tolerates damp soils, near a river for example, and can resemble a weeping willow with age. Dioecious, so needs a separate male and female tree to produce its plum-shaped fleshy fruit.

Site: Tolerates some exposure, including some coastal exposure
Soil: Well drained to reliably moist, prefers acid but lime is good too
Position: Full sun, tolerant of some shade
Season of Interest: Evergreen
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Height: 30ft (10m) Spread: 30ft (10m) in approx 20

Size | Type: Pot | 5L
Gender: Male
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