Phyllostachys bissetii

Bissetii Bamboo

The Bisetti bamboo will be first to produce new growth - which is edible - each year. The mainly upright, though slightly arching canes, glossy-green, sometimes with a purple tinge, and yellowish green when older, are of the clump-forming variety with deep green leaves that will withstand bad weather and can form a very dense canopy - don’t expect much light to reach the ground under this plant. Great on its own, in large containers or as a very effective privacy screen.

Bamboos must not dry out, they must be watered well during the first growing season, if grown in containers they need plenty of room and they will always need water during dry weather.

Site: Does not like very cold winds or coastal exposure but is wind tolerant
Soil: All fertile soils, avoid waterlogged
Position: Full sun to part shade
Season of Interest: Evergreen
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Height: Up to 16ft (5m) Spread: 5-8ft (1.5-2.5m) But can be kept as a narrow screen but cutting the wayward canes as they appear to keep it in check

Type | Size: Pot | 1.5L
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