Photinia x fraseri Little Red Robin

Christmas Berry Little Red Robin

A dwarf form of photinia, needing very little maintenance, Photinia x fraseri Little Red Robin is an average- to slow-growing, evergreen shrub for smaller, milder gardens. The leaves emerge a brilliant, glossy red, darkening slowly to a deep, glossy green; they are brighter red, and smaller and more rounded than those of the full-size Red Robin. In April and May, in full sun, the shrub carries small white flowers, sometimes followed by berries. This plant is only borderline hardy; in colder areas, it can be trained as a wall shrub against a warm south- or west-facing wall, or grown in containers. Clip once a year to maintain a tidy shape; it tolerates hard clipping and can be clipped into strong topiary shapes. Also very good as a low hedge in milder gardens.

Site: Sheltered
Soil: Any fertile, well-drained, neutral to alkaline soil
Position: Colours best in full sun; tolerates partial shade
Season of interest: All year, spring in particular
Hardiness: Borderline hardy
Height: 39” (1m) Spread: 39” (1m)

Type | Size: Pot | 2L
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