Myriophyllum spicatum - Spiked Water Milfoil (Oxygenator)

Spiked Water Milfoil

A native submerged water plant for still or very slowly flowing water and ditches, Myriophyllum spicatum is an oxygenator and a rather fast growing water-plant that can form below-surface masses which can, in its preferred conditions, shade out the water. The attractive, submerged feathery leaves are green, in whorls round the stem, but the insignificant, dull orange-red flowers appear on short stems above the water in July and August. Spiked water milfoil prefers clear water, high light-levels and calcium-rich water. It is good for insect wildlife, but can be difficult for adult fish but it can be reduced in ponds by pulling it out when it gets overgrown. These oxygenators come unweighted.

Please note these are dispatched moist, but not in water and look like strands of foliage.

Position: Open site
Planting depth: up to 39”/1m
Growth rate: Fast
Flowering period: July to August
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Size: 4” (10cm) Spread: 39”-5’ (1-1.5m)

Type | Size: Bunch
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