Medlar Brabant giant

Medlar Brabant Giant

A really charming fruit tree for the medium-sized orchard, Mespilus germanica Brabant Giant is a deciduous tree with a spreading, slightly suckering habit and twisting branches, best grown as a standard or half-standard. The large, oval leaves are deep green, and turn yellow in autumn. The flowers are large and white, and rather like dog-roses. The fruit is like a huge rose-hip with an open bottom (it used to be known as ‘dog’s arse’) and was popular in Elizabethan times, and is now having a resurgence. It’s a slightly musty-smelling fruit, but delicious if you like it, eaten with cream; it can also be used for medlar jelly. Medlar Brabant Giant is an easy tree that needs yearly pruning; it’s a very hardy tree.

Site: Tolerates some exposure
Soil: Any moist but well drained, or well-drained soil
Position: Full sun
Pick: After the first frosts
Keep: Allow it to ‘blet’ (become soft)
Hardiness: Very hardy
Pollination: Self-fertile
Uses: Eating with cream (once bletted), medlar jelly

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Type | Size: Pot | 3L
Rootstock: Quince A
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