Juglans regia - English Walnut

Juglans regia - English Walnut

The source of the familiar walnut, Juglans regia is a large, slow-growing deciduous tree with a short trunk and a broad, spreading crown. The large, green leaves, divided into 5-7 oblong leaflets, and with a citrus scent when crushed, appear quite late in spring, and do not fall until November. The flowers appear at the same time as the leaves; the male catkins are about 4”/10cm long and the female flowers much smaller, and wind-pollinated. Velvety green, round fruits appear in June, within which form the nutritious nuts, high in protein, omega 3 oil and antioxidants. Be aware that the common walnut casts a heavy shade and also produces a substance that inhibits the growth of many other plants. Not a reliable nut producer in Ireland, but a beautiful tree.

Site: Tolerates exposure
Soil: Any well drained soil
Position: Full sun
Season of interest: Autumn in particular
Hardiness: Very hardy
Height: up to 115’ (35m) Spread: 60’ (18m)
Pollination: Self-fertile, but fruits better with another walnut
Uses: Nuts can be eaten fresh or salted; in late June, before the shells have set, the fruits can be pickled

Type | Size: Pot | 7.5L
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