Gladiolus communis ssp. byzantinus

Gladiolus byzantinus

Spikes of funnel-shaped, magenta-crimson flowers appear in late spring and early summer just in time to brighten up the garden as the tulips are fading. Gladiolus communis ssp. byzantinus is a wildflower from the Mediterranean and is naturalised in Cornwall and the Scilly Isles where is is known as Whisting Jack. Ideal in a mixed border or grown in a pot.
Most gladioli are planted as bulbs in the spring, but these species varieties are planted in the autumn.

Site: Tolerates exposure
Position: Full sun
Soil: Light, well drained soil
Planting Period: September to November
Flowering period: May to July
Planting: Depth 6” (15cm), Spacing 6” (15cm)
Height: 30” (90cm)

Type | Size: Bulbs | Pack of 30
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