Ficus carica Ronde de Bordeaux - Fig

Fig Ronde de Bordeaux

Ficus carica 'Ronde de Bordeaux,' commonly known as Ronde de Bordeaux fig and also known as also called Précoce de Barcelona, is a cold tolerant, prolific fruiting fig tree that delights both gardeners and fruit enthusiasts. 

This variety produces figs abundantly at once in August-September depending on the sunshine. The black-skinned fruits, small in size, rounded in shape, with juicy red pulp and a sweet flavor and light strawberry scent are very popular to taste fresh, cooked or dried

It's beautiful foliage, distinctive fruit, and exceptional taste make it a sought-after choice for both ornamental and edible gardening.

Site: Warm, sheltered site
Soil: Any well-drained soil
Position: Full sun
Pick: September–October
Keep: Does not keep, but can be dried
Hardiness: Frost-hardy
Pollination: Self-fertile
Uses: Eating
Height: 10 to 15ft (5m) Spread: 10 to 15ft (5m) if unrestricted

Type | Size: Pot | 3L
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