Blueberry Jersey

Blueberry Jersey

Late variety of highbush blueberry, widely grown and well adapted to northern European conditions. High yields of small to medium-sized, deep blue berries, sweet, with a good balance of tartness, rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Pick from late August; the berries ripen over several weeks, holding well on the bush. For the best flavour, pick a week after the berries have turned completely blue and are developing a white ‘bloom’; keep picking as the berries ripen. Vigorous, upright bush with open habit, easy to grow and good in colder areas. Must have acid soil; water with rainwater; mulch with ericaceous matter to keep soil moist. Hot orange autumn colour.

Site: Fairly sheltered
Soil: Acid (pH 4-5.5), moisture-retentive but well-drained soil; can be grown in pots in ericaceous soil-based compost
Position: Sun or partial shade
Pick: from late August to September
Keep: Berries do not keep, but freeze well
Hardiness: Hardy
Pollination: Self-pollinates, but crops better planted with one or two blueberries of different varieties
Uses: Eating and cooking; particularly good for baking
Height: 4–6’ Spread: 4–5’

Type | Size: Pot | 2L
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