Cortaderia fulvida

Cortaderia fulvida - Tussock Grass

Also known as Golden Pampas Grass or Toetoe, Cortaderia fulvida is a smaller, more elegant form of pampas grass from New Zealand. A striking, clump-forming, evergreen perennial grass with narrow, arching, glaucous, sharp-edged leaves, it bears feathery, golden-brown flower spikes 6’ 6” tall in late spring/early summer; these persist right through winter. Tussock Grass is a highly architectural, low maintenance plant, useful as a specimen, in borders or prairie plantings. In late winter, cut down the flower-heads and remove any dead foliage from the base. Not for the coldest areas.

Site: Tolerates exposure
Any reasonably well drained soil
Full sun
Season of Interest:
Spring, summer, autumn, winter
Reasonably hardy, but needs winter protection in its first year
6’6” (2m) Spread: 3’3” (1m)

Type | Size: Pot | 3L
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