Apricot Bredase

Apricot Bredase

One of the oldest apricot varieties, mid-season Apricot Bredase is thought to date back to Roman times, and is still prized as perhaps the finest flavoured of all. Speckled, apricot-orange, scented fruit with orange flesh is ready in late August, and, for the richest flavour, should be allowed to ripen on the tree until it starts falling. It does not keep, but can be dried, frozen, or used for preserves – don’t forget to crack the stones for the delicious little kernels. Apricot Bredase is moderately vigorous, upright in habit, and very hardy. However, apricots flower very early, and are vulnerable to frost; they are best fan-trained against a warm wall, with protection for the flowers in spring; hand pollination may be necessary. Prune as little as possible, and only in summer.

Site: Warm, sheltered, sunny site
Soil: Any reasonably well drained
Position: Full sun
Pick: Late August
Keep: Does not keep
Hardiness: Very hardy
Pollination: Self-fertile
Uses: Eating and preserving

Type | Size: Bareroot 2yr
Rootstock: St Julien A
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