Pear Emile d'Heyst

Pear Emile d’Heyst

A very reliable dessert pear for our climate, bred in Belgium, Pyrus communis Emile d'Heyst is a tree with a spreading habit, not very vigorous. The fruit is small to medium-sized, with a yellowish-green skin with some russeting. The white flesh is firm, creamy and fairly juicy, with a sweet, sub-acid flavour. This pear is a heavy, reliable cropper, but is self-sterile, so it will need a pollination partner; Pear Conference, also very reliable in our climate, is a good pollination partner. Pear Emile d’Heyst is a spur-bearer, and a disease-resistant tree with attractive blossom. Pick when still firm, and ripen indoors.

Site: Sheltered
Soil: Fertile, moist but well-drained, slightly acid to neutral soil
Position: Full sun; tolerates partial shade
Pick: From October
Keep: November
Hardiness: Hardy
Pollination: Self-sterile; Pollination Group 2-3
Uses: Eating

Type | Size: Bareroot 2yr
Rootstock: Quince A
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