What could be nicer than growing and harvesting your own fruit? Eating it, of course! We offer a comprehensive range of apples, pears, plums, berries, nuts, and plenty of other edibles. In addition, we have a growing collection of what we like to call 'unusual edibles,' which are rarer fruits for the Irish climate (read up, some require special care!).

Bareroot fruit | December to March

Most of our fruit is sold in bareroot form only from December to March. This includes the majority of our fruit trees, fruit bushes, cane fruits, soft fruits, roots (asparagus, rhubarb, etc.), and more. You can learn more about getting started growing fruit as well as the differences between bareroot and potted plants in our advice section.

Potted fruit | April to June

Potted fruit and herbs are available at different times throughout the rest of the year, but the best selection, and the best time to plant, is in spring (April to June). Outside of these times our selection is much more limited.

Out of stock/season

You can read about why we leave up products that are out of stock/season and how to get notified when they come back into stock on our FAQ.


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