Raspberry Polka - Autumn Fruiting

Raspberry Polka

A new, really good primocane (autumn-fruiting) raspberry cultivar from Poland, Rubus idaeus Polka has the potential to give you crops in summer and autumn. The conical berries are very large and medium-red with a good, fresh flavour, and keep particularly well. Fruit is borne on the current year’s canes, starting to ripen in early August, about ten days earlier than raspberry Autumn Bliss, and will continue into October if the weather remains mild. This raspberry needs no support; simply cut the canes to the ground in February. A small summer crop is produced if some of the canes are left unpruned. The canes are 6’/1.8m tall, and notably disease resistant. Raspberry Polka holds the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Site: Sheltered, sunny site
Soil: Fertile, moist but well-drained soil, preferably neutral to acid
Position: Full sun
Pick: From early August until October
Keep: A week or so; berries freeze well
Hardiness: Very hardy
Pollination: Self-fertile
Uses: Eating, baking, preserves

You can learn more about how to plant and care for raspberries and starting with fruit in our advice section and on our resources page.

Type | Size: Pot | 12cm
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