Cobnut - Corylus avellana Cosford Cob

Cobnut Cosford Cob

A very reliable old cultivar, Corylus avellana Cosford grows well in a wide range of conditions. It produces medium-sized to large, oblong, thin-shelled, very nutritious nuts with a good, very sweet flavour which ripen in late September. It’s a vigorous, multi-stemmed bush, which should be pruned twice a year to keep it to a manageable height. With attractive, bright yellow catkins, it is an excellent pollinator for other hazels, and should therefore always be planted in a hazelnut orchard. Kentish Cob and Hall’s Giant are good pollination partners. Prunings make excellent pea-sticks and bean poles.

Site: Sheltered
Soil: Well-drained, slightly acid to slightly alkaline soil
Position: Crops best in full sun; tolerates light shade
Pick: Late September
Keep: Until new year
Pollination: Partially self-fertile; will crop better with a pollination partner
Uses: Eating, roasting, cooking

Learn more about how to choose and grow hazelnuts and other nuts in our advice section and on our resources page.

Type | Size: Bareroot | 3-4ft
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