Cobnut - Corylus avellana Tonda di Giffoni

Cobnut Tonda di Giffoni

An Italian cultivar of common hazel, Corylus avellana Tonda di Giffoni is a moderately vigorous, deciduous shrub or small tree, with a branching, upright habit, reaching 10’x10’/3x3m in 10-20 years. It crops abundantly and early in the life of the tree The nuts are large and oval, covered with green husks, and have an excellent, sweet flavour. The large, slightly serrated leaves are mid-green, turning yellow in autumn. In February and March, the very long, yellow, male catkins and tiny red female flowers appear before the leaves, and can be vulnerable to frosts. The nuts can be picked from September – pick daily, or the squirrels will get them. Fruits better with a pollination partner, such as Gunslebert or Butler.

Site: Sheltered, warm, sunny site
Soil: Light, well-drained, alkaline soil, not too fertile
Position: Full sun or partial shade
Pick: September
Keep: Nuts keep until New Year
Hardiness: Fully hardy, but flowers may need frost protection
Pollination: Partially self-fertile, but fruits better with a pollination partner
Uses: Eating, roasted, oil, and hazelnut flour

Learn more about how to choose and grow hazelnuts and other nuts in our advice section and on our resources page.

Type | Size: Pot | 12cm
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