Shrubs - Autumn Interest

Shrubs - Autumn Interest

Many earlier flowering shrubs will give a second display in autumn as their leaves turn to gold, wine, scarlet, and your other favourite colours of autumn. Berries also feature prominently around this time of year and often carry colour well into the winter (if the birds don't get them all)!

Learn more about what to plant and when to plant it in our advice section and find even more information in our resources.

Bareroot shrubs | mid-November to March

Bareroot shrubs are only available from mid-November to March. You can learn more about the differences between bareroot and potted plants in our advice section.

Potted shrubs | all year round

Potted shrubs are available all year, but the best selection, and the best time to plant, is in late spring (April to May) and early autumn (September to October).

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