Tulip Queen of Night

Tulip Queen of Night - Single Tulip

The classic black tulip, Tulip Queen of Night, when illuminated by sunlight, glows deepest burgundy or maroon. The satiny dark flowers deserve to be seen in generous clumps against a pale background or contrasted with lighter harmonies of pale lavender or white blossoms. Reaching a flowering height of 50 cms or more, Tulip ‘Queen of Night’ is a stalwart of the Spring garden, reappearing year after year in the month of April.

Site: Best in shelter
Position: South or West facing, in full sun
Soils: Rich but well-drained, sandy, light soil
Planting Period: September to November
Flowering Period: April
Planting: Depth 6” (15 cm), Spacing 5” (13 cm)
Height: 50 cm

Type | Size: Bulbs | Pack of 35
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