Thuja occidentalis Rheingold

White Cedar Rheingold

A slow growing, evergreen conifer, Thuja occidentalis Rheingold has the typical Thuja scale-like leaves but it is a rich old gold or amber colour. Rheingold has become very popular for its unusually coloured flat sprays of aromatic foliage. White Cedar Rheingold has a good oval to conical shape and eventually makes a large shrub. It makes an ideal specimen plant for any garden as it tolerates most soil conditions and will also grow well in a large container. Take well to light pruning and shaping.

Site: Very tolerant of inland exposure, wind tolerant
Soil: Well drained, tolerates clay soils, chalky soils
Position: Full sun, tolerates partial shade
Season of Interest: All year round and aromatic foliage
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Size: Dwarf from 10-12ft (3-4m) over time

Type | Size: Pot | 3L
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