RHS Empathy Afterplant - Ericaceous

RHS Empathy After Plant Ericacaeous

AFTER PLANT ERICACEOUS Bio-active plant feed with rootgrow™ ericoid mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria is a tailored plant feed for the needs of all acid-loving/lime hating ericaceous plants. When planted directly into the ground ericaceous plants will benefit by being treated for the first 3 – 5 years whilst their root system and fungal partners develop.

Apply Empathy AFTER PLANT ERICACEOUS on all pot grown and garden plans to encourage healthy blooms and lush foliage all year round.

Plants in the ground: Apply 1-2 handfuls (25 – 50g) around the base of the plant, lightly worked into the soil and water well. for larger established plants apply 2 handfuls per square meter under the canopy of the plant.

Container plants and topiary: Apply 2 – 3 handfuls per plant twice yearly. We recommend that once per year 5 – 10cm (2-4 inches) of soil are removed from the top of the pot and replaced with fresh compost. Add 1 – 2 handfuls when replacing the compost to keep your evergreens in prime condition.

Apply in spring at the first signs of growth, after flowering and as an autumn top dress for the best results use in combination with Empathy Seaweed Ericaceous.

Empathy AFTER PLANT ERICACEOUS is NOT a substitute for using rootgrow™ at time of planting. For new plantings, or in poor soil conditions, we recommend using pure rootgrow™ ericoid mycorrhizal fungi applied close to the plant’s roots.

How does Rootgrow work?

Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi bond to a plant’s roots, effectively becoming part of its root system. They grow rapidly in search of water and nutrients, and as they're finer than the plant's coarse roots, they’re better at reaching them - helping plants thrive in even difficult soils.

In poor sandy soil, they track down scarce nutrients and water, and in dense clay soil they unlock nutrients, acting like a clay breaker. They're great at hunting down phosphorus and potassium for flowering and fruiting, but also thrive on finding trace elements. And they hold onto water like a sponge, giving your plants far better drought tolerance.

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