Ranunculus aquatilis - Common Water Crowfoot (Oxygenator)

Common Water Crowfoot

A mat-forming, rather short-lived, aquatic perennial in the buttercup family, native Ranunculus aquatilis will thrive in still or gently flowing water. It is an excellent oxygenator, keeping the pond or stream healthy, as well as providing a refuge for pond-life. The submerged leaves are thread-like, and lobed, kidney-shaped leaves of a brilliant emerald green float on the surface as the flowers appear. In May and June, delightful, bee-friendly, white flowers, 2cm across, with golden bases to the five petals and a boss of golden stamens, are borne just above the surface. Common water crowfoot can be dropped into a pond as a weighted bunch, but is better planted in silt at the bottom of a pond or in an aquatic basket. Suitable for larger ponds, as it can spread widely.

Please note that bunch's are dispatched moist, but not in water and look like strands of foliage.

Position: Full sun preferred; tolerates partial shade
Planting depth: 15-60cm
Growth rate: Fast
Flowering period: May and June
Hardiness: Very hardy
Size: Height: up to 2’ (60cm); can spread widely

In transit this plant can go a bit brown, it will perk up again after a while once it settles in to its new home.

Type | Size: Bunch
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