Permaculture Hedge Mix

Permaculture Hedge Mix

A deluxe hedge with edible fruits for preserves, wines or just enjoying.

This informal mixed hedge is productive and will also greatly encourage wildlife into your garden. This hedge can be trimmed to keep it in check but for best flowers and fruit it should be given some room to grow a bit wild.

This hedge mix is made up with our selection of 5 of the following varieties:

Aronia melanocarpa - Black Chokeberry
Cornus mas
- Cornelian Cherry
Sambucus nigra - Elder
Elaeagnus umbellata- Autumn olive 
Corylus avelanna - Hazel
Amelanchier lamarkii - Snowy Mespilus
Prunus cerasiferia Myrobalan - Cherry Plum


Will take some inland exposure and will grow in any reasonable soil


We recommend planting this hedge at 2 plants per meter but you can space them further apart if preferred.


For best results, we recommend planting the varieties in groups that repeat themselves down along the hedge.


When first planted, a good prune will encourage good bushy growth, how hard you cut the plants depends on how low down you want them to bush from. Ongoing this hedge can either be trimmed regularly or left to grow, early spring or late Autumn after fruiting is the best time to prune.


Keeping any young hedge weed and grass free is vital to the overall vigour and health of the hedge. Using weed membrane keeps back weeds and insulates the roots and will greatly increase growth rates, as well as cutting down on your weeding work. Mulching is another great option for insulating the roots and holding back weeds, bark mulch is the most commonly used medium.


Suitable varieties in this hedge can change depending on availability. 

These hedges are hand picked and take time to gather, if coming to the nursery, all mixed hedges must be preordered at least one day in advance.

Type | Size: Bareroot
Quantity: Pack of 25
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