Pear Williams' Bon Chrétien

Pear Williams’ Bon Chrétien

A seedling found in a Berkshire garden in the 1760s, dual-purpose Pear Williams’ Bon Chrétien, called Bartlett in America, is now grown all over the world – and is the pear most often found in tins! Large, conical fruit, golden-yellow with brown speckles, sometimes flushed red; the flesh is sweet, luscious and juicy with an excellent, slightly musky flavour, and it also holds its shape well when cooked. Very hardy, moderately vigorous tree, but does not thrive in wet areas. Spur-bearer; reliable, heavy cropper. Susceptible to scab. Partially self-fertile, and a good pollinator, but yields will be better with a different pollination partner. Will not pollinate Louise Bonne de Jersey, and vice versa. Holds the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Site: Sheltered and warm
Soil: Any reasonably fertile and well drained
Position: Full sun
Pick: September
Keep: September
Hardiness: Very hardy
Pollination: Partially self-fertile. Pollination Group 3
Uses: Eating, cooking and bottling
Pollination notes: Pear Williams’ Bon Chrétien is not self fertile and needs a pollination partner of a different variety nearby.
Suitable pollinating partners for Pear Williams’ Bon Chrétien are Pear Concorde, Conference or Doyenné du Comice

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During the bareroot season, our Pears are pre pruned before being dispatched by mail order.

Type | Size: Bareroot 1yr
Rootstock: Quince A
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