Osmanthus delavayi

Delavay Osmanthus

Osmanthus delavayi is an evergreen shrub native to southern China, originally brought to the West by the Jesuit missionary-botanist Fr Pierre Jean Marie Delavay. Only a single seed germinated from that first haul and for the first 150 years, all Osmanthus Delavayi were cloned from this one source. Osmanthus delavayi is covered in small dark green, sharply toothed leathery leaves. Amongst the dark foliage, a profusion of white jasmine-like flowers are produced in April and May and their scent is beautiful. Delavay Osmanthus is an exceptional plant and ideal for mixed shrub beds, as well as specimen planting, but definitely somewhere where its scent can be appreciated. Holds the RHS Award for Garden Merit.

Site: Tolerates some coastal and inland exposure
Soil: Well drained soils, tolerates clay
Position: Full sun, or shade
Season of Interest: White fragrant flowers in Spring, evergreen foliage
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Height: 8-13ft (2.5-4m) Spread: 8-13ft (2.5-4m)
Type | Size: Pot | 3L
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