Mint, Chocolate

Chocolate Peppermint

A delicious herb for puddings and peppermint tea, Mentha x piperita f. citrata Chocolate is a small, vigorous, rhizomatous, herbaceous perennial, with a spreading habit. It’s a peppermint with a definite taste of chocolate. The ovate, pointed leaves are deep green, tinged red-purple in sun and coppery in shade. Spikes of tiny, tubular, pinkish-purple flowers are borne in summer, and should be cut back to preserve the taste of the leaves. This plant is a real spreader, and should be confined to a large pot – don’t sink it deeply into the soil, as the rhizomes are shallow and will escape. Divide and replant into fresh compost every March as the plant starts into growth. Keep well watered.

Site: Tolerates exposure
Soil: Any rich, moist but well drained soil; tolerates wet soil
Position: Full sun or partial shade
Season of interest: Spring to autumn
Hardiness: Extremely hardy
Height: 20” (50cm) Spread: indefinite, unless confined in 2-5 years

Type | Size: Pot | 9cm
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