Microcachrys tetragona - Creeping Strawberry Pine

Creeping Strawberry Pine

A rare and unusual evergreen conifer, Microcachrys tetragona is a fairly hardy dwarf bush with arching branches covered in scale-like leaves. Native to mountainous regions in Tasmania, Australia, fossil records show that it has existed for well over fifty million years. The small but conspicuous male and female flowers are borne on the ends of the stems. The Creeping Strawberry Pine is very aptly named as it carries strawberry coloured egg-shaped fruit that can be mistaken for berries. This small, shrubby conifer is ideal if allowed to tumble over a low wall, embankment or would even work well in a large tub.

Site: Inland exposed
Soil: Well drained, normal soil but will tolerate dry to peaty soils
Position: Full sun
Season of Interest: Evergreen, unusual red cones in Winter. Quirky growth habit
Hardiness: Hardy to at least - 8C
Height: 1-2ft (30 - 60cm) Spread: 2-3ft (60-100cm)

Type | Size: Pot | 2L
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