Hoheria sexstylosa Snow White

Lacebark Snow White

A lovely tree for year-round interest in milder areas, Hoheria sexstylosa Snow White is a small, evergreen tree with a graceful, upright, pyramidal habit. The long, elliptical leaves are grey-green, with serrated edges. Single, white flowers, rather like those of cherries, appear in summer, and are very attractive to butterflies. Lacebark Snow White needs a sheltered position, away from very cold, drying winds, and needs a thick mulch in winter to protect the roots. It needs minimal pruning, but if necessary prune in spring or after flowering.

Site: Sheltered
Soil: Any moderately fertile, well-drained soil
Position: Full sun
Season of interest: Midsummer
Hardiness: Reasonably hardy (to -5 to -10ºC)
Height: up to 13’ (4m) Spread: 5’ (1.5m) in 20 years
Type | Size: Pot | 5L
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