Fontinalis antipyretica - Greater Water Moss (Oxygenator)

Greater Water-moss

A native aquatic moss, thriving in still or running water, Fontinalis antipyretica is an oxygenator, important for keeping ponds healthy and providing shelter for pond-life. Our largest aquatic moss, it usually attaches to stones or tree-roots in the water, but can sometimes be found floating loose in the water itself, and is often found in turloughs, as it can survive periods out of the water. The grey-green leaves, tightly folded along their length, make the stems appear three-sided. Also known as willow moss, greater water-moss can be sunk into a pond as a weighted bunch, or tied to a stone in running water.

Position: Full sun or partial shade
Planting depth: 30-90cm
Growth rate: Medium
Flowering period: n/a
Hardiness: Hardy
Size: Stems up to 6” (15cm) long

In transit this moss can go a bit brown and mushy, it will perk up again after a while once it settles in to its new home.

Type | Size: Bunch
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