Carex oshimensis Everlime

Sedge Everlime

A beautiful, Irish-bred plant for all-year colour, Carex oshimensis Everlime is a small, evergreen, clump-forming, variegated, grass-like sedge with a neat, dense, arching habit. The long, narrow, arching leaves are lime green down the edges with a deep green centre, a lovely, subtle, green-on-green colour. In summer, this sedge bears insignificant brown flower-spikelets. Sedge Everlime is easy to grow. It can be grown in a pot, and in mixed containers provides an anchoring green presence. It will tolerate dry soils with occasional watering or in reliably moist soil. If the tips of the leaves get wind-burnt in winter, remove them with scissors; dead leaves can be removed in summer.

Site: Tolerates some exposure
Soil: Any rich, moist but well-drained soil
Position: Partial shade; tolerates full sun in reliably moist soil
Season of interest: All year
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Height: 18” (45cm) Spread: 18” (45cm)

Type | Size: Pot | 1L
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