Betula utilis Long Trunk

Weeping Himalayan Birch

A weeping form of the West Himalayan birch, Betula utilis Long Trunk is a small to medium-sized deciduous tree with the same brilliant white, peeling bark and a slender habit. Dark green, triangular leaves turn a warm yellow in autumn. The bark can be power-washed or scrubbed to keep it pristine. Particularly attractive planted beside a pond. When planting, insert a stake of the required eventual height, and remove only when you want the main stem to start drooping.

Site: Tolerates exposure
Soil: Any reasonably well-drained soil
Position: Full sun or partial shade
Season of Interest: Spring, summer, autumn, winter
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Height: 16.5ft (5m) Spread: 8ft (2.5m) in 20 years

Type | Size: Pot | 2L / 4-5ft
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