Alnus glutinosa Laciniata

Cut-leaved Alder

A cut-leaved form of the native common alder, Alnus glutinosa Laciniata is a tall, vigorous, very fast-growing, deciduous tree, slightly smaller than common alder, with a graceful, pyramidal, open habit. The deep green leaves are like those of common alder, but deeply cut into pointed lobes, very attractive against the sky. Small brownish-yellow catkins are followed by brown, cone-like fruits. The roots have nitrogen-fixing nodules which make this a good tree for poor or waterlogged soil or beside streams. Cut-leaved alder is tolerant of urban pollution, but is perfect for a naturalistic planting on wet soil where a more ornamental form of a native tree is wanted.

Site: Tolerates exposure
Soil: Any soil, including water-logged soil
Position: Full sun or partial shade
Season of interest: Spring to autumn
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Height: 65’ (20m) Spread: 33’ (10m)

Type | Size: Pot | 2L
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