Kiwi - Actinidia arguta Ananasnaya - female

Kiwi arguta Ananasnaya - female

This is a female kiwi, and you will also need a male cultivar if you want fruit. Arguta kiwis produce smaller fruit than actinidia kiwis, the size of a large grape, but they are smooth-skinned, very sweet, and can be eaten whole. Actinidia arguta Ananasnaya is a very large (up to 20’/6m), vigorous, long-lived, scrambling climber with attractive red stems which will need sturdy support and plenty of space. The leaves are ovoid and olive-green, and in late spring small, ivory-white, nectar-rich flowers are produced, good for pollinators. Hardy kiwi Ananasnaya is an easy kiwi for first-time growers, disease-resistant, salt-tolerant, exceptionally cold-hardy, and ideal for permaculture growers. Spur-prune for more and earlier fruit and a well-clothed bushy appearance; espalier-training makes pruning easier.

Site: Sheltered; tolerates salt spray
Soil: Fertile, water-retentive, well-drained soil, preferably slightly acid
Position: Best in full sun; tolerates partial shade
Pick: From August; allow to soften before eating
Keep: For three months in a perforated plastic bag in the fridge
Hardiness: Exceptionally hardy
Pollination: Needs a compatible male pollination partner
Uses: Eating

Type | Size: Pot | 5L
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