Size Guide

Size guide

Potted plants

9cm pots

A 9cm pot is about the size of a takeaway coffee mug, it is an ideal size for planting Herbs, Alpines & Heathers. We supply some young Trees, Conifers & Shrubs in 9cm pots for cost effective planting, they will just require a little extra care in the first year or two, mainly making sure they don’t get swamped by weeds.

1.3L pots

A good size for Hedging as the plants are not too small but are still good value, we supply some unusual shrubs in this size too.

2L pots

Some young ornamental trees and most common shrubs are available in this cost effective size.

3L pots

A lot of our more unusual Shrubs and some trees are available in this size.

4L, 5L and 7.5L pots

Many trees and more unusual Shrubs are available in these larger sizes, good for a more instant effect.

10L Pots

This size is mainly for ornamental Trees.

Bareroot plants

1-2ft Bareroot

Plants will be easier to plant than larger plants but they will need to be kept totally clear of weeds for them to do well and they will take several years to offer much impact.

2-3ft Bareroot

Plants are a good economical choice, they are nearly big enough to not get swamped by weeds.

3-4ft Bareroot

This size is a good option for tree whips and Hedging as they will be well above any competition from weeds yet the roots won’t be too large for planting and they are not too tall to be knocked around by the elements too much.

4-5ft Bareroot

This size is the best choice for hedging when an instant effect is desired or to get tree whips off to a head start, they will need a larger hole for planting and they will need to be checked that they are not getting loose in the ground from time to time after planting. This size is more likely to get battered by the weather, so in very exposed areas it may be best to plant in March after the worst of the winter has passed. This tree grade may require staking.

For more information about choosing bareroot or potted plants see our guide to bareroot vs. potted.