Plum Herman

Plum Herman

One of the earliest-ripening plums, and probably the best of the early dual-purpose cultivars, Prunus domestica Herman was bred in Sweden, and is particularly well adapted to northern climates. The fruit is medium-sized and blue-black, with a non-clinging stone and yellow flesh, like that of its famous parent Czar, but with a better, sweet-tangy flavour. It is good eaten straight from the tree, but is also excellent for cooking and jam. Plum Hermann is a tree of average vigour and disease resistance, and a reliable bearer, known for coping with less than ideal conditions. Thin the plums in late spring, for better fruit and to prevent branches breaking under the weight. Prune only in summer. Self-fertile, but may crop better if a different variety in the same pollination group is planted nearby. A good choice for colder areas and if you only have room for one plum.

Site: Sheltered
Soil: Any well-drained but water-retentive soil; rich, loamy, slightly acidic soils preferred
Position: Full sun is best for dessert fruit, but it will tolerate partial shade
Pick: Mid-July
Keep: 1-3 days
Hardiness: Very hardy
Pollination: Self-fertile; pollination Group 2
Uses: Eating, cooking and preserving

Type | Size: Bareroot 1yr
Rootstock: St Julien A
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