Oregano, Gold Tip variegated

Origanum vulgare Gold Tip (variegated)

Gold-tipped Oregano an ornamental oregano that grows just like standard Oregano, a bushy, spreading, woody-based perennial with oval to round green leaves with yellow tips. From Midsummer to early Autumn, small clusters of purplish-pink flowers will attract bees and butterflies. Easy to propagate by division; clip plants back hard in June to maintain a low, creeping habit. This Oregano is happy in containers, rocky places, herb borders, edges et cetera. This Oregano is edible although you might find the flavour less sophisticated than the classic Oregano.

Oregano and Marjoram are names often used interchangeably, even thought they are different herbs. Add to that the fact that we also sell a 'Golden Marjoram' and you have a recipe for confusion! There is, however, a slight difference between Oregano species (Oregano vulgare spp) and Marjoram species (Oregano majorana spp). They do look very alike; after all, they are botanically related. Marjoram has leaves which are slightly hairy and more gray-green in color, while oregano has olive-green colored leaves. The real difference lies in the flavour of the leaves. Oregano tastes a little more pungent - woodsy and warm. Marjoram is slightly sweeter and more gentle.

Site: Sheltered
Soil: Most well-drained
Position: Full sun
Season of Interest: Aromatic yellow-tipped leaves, pink flowers in Midsummer to early Autumn, culinary use, pollinator plant
Hardiness: Hardy
Height: 1ft (0.3m) Spread: 1ft (0.3m)

Type | Size: Pot | 9cm
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