Fig Violette de Sollies

Fig Violette de Sollies

Named for its deep violet, almost black fruit, Ficus carica Violette de Sollies is a vigorous, spreading, deciduous tree with smooth, grey bark and beautiful, light green, five-lobed leaves. The fruit is large, with deep red flesh and an excellent, scented, very sweet flavour, and will need protection from birds if the tree is grown outside. Fig Violette de Sollies will grow very large unless its roots are confined, but it does well in a large container in a greenhouse or polytunnel. In warmer areas it can be fan-trained against a warm wall. In warmer climates figs produce two crops a year, but only one here; any small figs left on the tree should be removed in autumn, as they will not ripen. Keep well watered while the fruit is ripening. Be aware that fig sap can react with sunshine to irritate the skin.

Site: Warm, sheltered, sunny site
Soil: Any well drained soil, not too fertile
Position: Full sun
Pick: From late August, earlier under cover
Keep: Does not keep
Hardiness: Fairly hardy, to -8º
Pollination: Self-fertile
Uses: Eating, drying and preserving
Type | Size: Pot | 1L
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