Dianella caerulea

Blue Flax Lily

A smaller, flax lily with striking royal blue berries, Dianella caerulea is a quite fast-growing, clump-forming, evergreen, rhizomatous perennial, with an arching habit. The leathery, grass-like, arching leaves are mid-green. The light blue flowers in short-branched panicles appear in summer, and are followed by glossy, royal-blue berries. Blue flax lily is ideal for structure in a cottage garden, and is equally good in a city or courtyard garden, but it is not for cold areas, unless planted in soil-based, ericaceous compost in a pot taken in for the winter. Blue flax lily must have acid to neutral soil, but is otherwise an easy plant, pest- and disease-free. Propagate by dividing the rhizomes.

Site: Sheltered, including coastal sites
Soil: Any light, moderately fertile, well-drained, acid to neutral soil
Position: Full sun or partial shade
Season of interest: All year, autumn in particular
Hardiness: Hardy in coastal area's -1 to -5ºC
Height: 20”- 2’ (50-60cm) Spread: 20” (50cm) in 2-5 years

Type | Size: Pot | 3L
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