Blackberry Polar Berry®

White Blackberry Polar Berry®

The fruit of Blackberry 'Polarberry'® is most unusually white, making it ideal for children to pick for themselves with no risk of stained clothing (although the canes are very thorny). It is also a very compact form with an upright habit, making it ideal for containers or a small garden; it can be trained onto wires on fences or walls. White flowers are borne in late spring, and are followed in July and August by small to medium-sized, juicy, off-white berries tinged with pink, sweeter than ordinary blackberries. Despite its small size and meek appearance, blackberry Polarberry is a tough, resilient, easy-to-grow plant which will provide you with fruit for eight to ten years. Expect a couple of punnets each year from each plant. Cut fruited canes to the ground after fruiting and tie in the new growth which will carry next year’s berries.

Site: Sheltered
Soil: Fertile, well drained soil
Position: Full sun
Pick: From early July
Keep: Berries do not keep, but can be frozen
Hardiness: Hardy
Pollination: Self-fertile
Uses: Eating, cooking, preserving
Height: to 4’ (120cm) Spread: to 18” (45cm)

Type | Size: Pot | 9cm
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