Arbutus menziesii

Arbutus menziesii - Pacific Madrone

Related to our native strawberry tree, Arbutus menziesii is a medium-sized, slow-growing evergreen tree with a spreading habit. It has beautiful, papery cinnamon-coloured bark which peels away to reveal the pistachio-green wood underneath. The small, dark green, glossy leaves have whitish undersides, giving a lighter look to the tree. Panicles of white, urn-shaped flowers appear in spring, and are followed the next year, if not pruned off, by small orange fruits which look rather like strawberries – edible, but not worth eating. Site Arbutus menziesii carefully, as it deeply resents transplanting. Originally from North America’s Pacific coast, madrone is not for the coldest areas, and it may need winter protection when young, but becomes hardier as it matures.

Site: Sheltered
Soil: Well drained acid soil
Position: Full sun
Season of interest: All year
Hardiness: Hardy in an average winter
Height: can grow up to 50’ (15m) Spread: 50’ (15m) but usually grows less

Type | Size: Pot | 9cm
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