Weekly limit

We're sorry but we have reached our weekly limit.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that we have been inundated with orders during the Coronavirus pandemic, we have had to set up a weekly order limit for our online store. This allows us to only take as many orders as we can process in a week.

We understand how frustrating this may be for you and we are working on a better solution.

Please check back in next Sunday around 19:00.

We will reopen the website next Sunday around 19:00. Please come back then in order to place your order.

Frequently asked questions

Will you save my cart from this week if I wasn't able to check out?

No, sorry. We currently do not have a way to save your cart from this week for you to use next week. We also are regularly selling out of and adding new stock to our site, so we would not be able to guarantee that what was in your cart would actually be available next week.